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About Us

Gem was founded in 1978 in Oyonnax, the cradle of plastic eyewear in France. Its founder, Georges Aïm, was an emblematic figure in optics.


Manufacturer only in its first years of existence on behalf of the largest French fashion houses and

American before these licenses join the portfolios of Italian manufacturers (Polo Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent in particular),

Gem has expanded its product offering over the years by building and renewing a portfolio of in-house brands and licensed brands.

Gem was also the Ray-Ban distributor for France from 1981 to 1996.


Since 2017, the company now called GemOptics has returned to its core business: the manufacturing of beautiful high-end glasses under the exclusive brands of French or international clients.


GemOptics is entirely managed from Oyonnax, its historic headquarters.

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